Our Projects

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Cogeneration Power

The new A$1 billion Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne is Australia’s greenest hospital that is being supported by a tri-generation power plant featuring lean-burn gas generator sets.

royal hospital ofinac
ofinac hospital 2
ofinac hospital

Tri-Generation Power Plant

The plant is one of the green features at the hospital that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45%.

Fully integrated tri-generation and standby power solution incorporating lean-burn gas generator sets, and three diesel generator sets, controlled by two digital master controllers, one each for the gas and diesel generators.

The tri-generation system, which simultaneously produces electricity, heating and cooling, features two lean-burn gas generator sets, with each generator operating around 6,000 hours a year during peak demand.

Angaston Power Station

Standby power

SA’s Largest and Cleanest Standby Power Station

South Australia’s largest and cleanest diesel power station in Barossa Valley wine country, South Australia is designed to support the Australian power grid during times of high peak demand and power outages.

The diesel peaking plant features 30 generator sets housed in sound attenuated buildings to reduce noise.

Angaston Standby Power
power generation infratil cummins ofinac

Largest and Cleanest Diesel Power Station

The challenge was to design and build a low-emission power station that would meet critical performance targets dictated by its sensitive location in one of Australia’s premier wine producing regions.

The result is a peaking plant, which generates up to 50 MW, is already achieving critical low-emissions performance targets. Connected to the national electricity grid, the peaking plant operates when market demand or pricing is very high.

The generator sets at the unmanned plant can start up, synchronise and be on-line with 50 MW in less than two minutes

Prime Power - Jaguar Mine, Australia

Prime Power

Four gas generator sets were installed in a remote metal producing mine at Kalgoorlie, Australia.

Jaguar Mine Ofinac
Jaguar Mine Ofinac 2

Save Money with Natural Gas Prime Power

The aim was to Provide cost-efficient, gas-fired power solutions to low-cost producer of zinc and copper concentrates  for world markets.

With diesel fuel costs soaring, Jabiru Metals — an emerging Australian base metals company — knew it had to take advantage of the relatively low cost of natural gas and use gas-powered generator sets for its prime power requirements.

Digital Realty Erskine Park

Critical Protection: Data Center

To install a reliable critical protection power system for Digital Realty to meet stringent Tier 3 certification requirements, as defined by Uptime Institute.

9.6MW of prime power, comprising six roof-mounted units of diesel generator sets, with custom-built acoustic enclosures and fuel systems.


Critical Protection Data Center
Critical Protection Data Center 2

Critical Protection Power for Digital Realty

A data center’s massed racks of servers draw significant power and also generate a lot of heat, placing considerable demand on power supply and air conditioning systems. Emergency standby power is thus critical to ensure integrity and functionality of the computer environment.

We worked closely to meet Digital Realty’s requirements for consistency and a seamless process of supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment consisting of six roof-mounted diesel generator sets with custom-built acoustic enclosures and fuel systems to provide 9.6 MW of reliable prime power.

Strict criteria were set for the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the generators, including an eight-hour load test on each generator set, together with full integrated system testing during commissioning to prove the operation of the generator system.


AgriBio Standby Power

Bolstering Bio-science Research

Power Generation bolsters bioscience research for Australian agriculture at La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia.

This was achieved with 1160kWe of base load power by the tri-generation power plant with a lean-burn gas generator set, with two 1600kW diesel generator sets for standby power, and digital master control system.

Victoria’s Centre for AgriBioscience, AgriBio, relies on tri-generation technology to power its bioscience research for the $11.8 billion Victorian agricultural sector.

AgriBio Standby power Australia
AgriBio Standby power Australia 2

Ultimate Standby Power

Developed to support and protect Australian agriculture through business-led research, the $288 million AgriBio facility hosts up to 400 staff including scientists, students and business support personnel.

The facility is a joint initiative between the Victorian Government’s Department of Primary Industries and La Trobe University, where AgriBio’s campus is based.

In addition, to ensure maximum power availability, the facility deploys a standby power system consisting of two 1600kW  diesel generator sets. In the event of a blackout, the tri-generation gas genset will synchronise with the standby diesel units and loadshare, permitting seamless transitions between all power sources.

AgriBio also deployed a digital master control system to control and monitor all generator-sets, and, provided individual switchboards for each of the facility’s three utility supplies.

Peaking Power Port Stanvac

Power Plant for Infratil Energy Australia

Cummins Power Generation Energy Solutions Business builds another Peaking Power plant for Infratil Energy Australia, at Port Stanvac Power Station, Lonsdale, South Australia.

Turnkey project using 36 x C2250 D5 generator sets with QSK60 G4 engines, PCC units and a DMC 300 Master Controller.

Peaking Power plant to meet short-term peak load demand.

Infratil Peaking Power
Infratil Peaking Power 2

Peaking Power Plant

Cummins Energy Solutions Business South Pacific has equipped the site with 36 C2250 D5 generator sets with QSK60 G4 engines to provide a total electrical power of 57.6 MWe. The generator sets are
PCC controlled, and managed by a Cummins DMC 300 Master Controller.

The Port Stanvac plant meets short-term peak load demand within the distribution network. On average the plant operates 50 hours a year, which means overall operating costs are low.

A key characteristic of Port Stanvac, like the other sites installed and run for IEA by Cummins Energy Solutions Business South Pacific, is the ability of the diesel plant to get on line quickly in response to the market opportunity.

Other Completed Projects

Energy Power Systems

    • Transportable weatherproof Acoustic Enclosure on fuel tank base to met 85 dB(A) – to suit Cat 3412-480 kW

Melbourne City Link

    • Acoustic Enclosures and exhaust systems for eight (8) off gensets

BHP Whyalla

    • Acoustic enclosure to house two (2) off 2.9 MW compressors

Port Moresby Hospital

    • Acoustic enclosure to house two (2) off 1 MW diesel gensets

Collie Power Station

    • Boiler feed pump acoustic enclosures

Cummins Diesel Sales & Service

    • Optus – Launceston Genset
    • Acoustic Canopy (40 dB(A)) – to suit 100 DGFB
    • Victoria Police Centre
    • Enclosures – to suit two (2) off 800 kVA

Detroit Diesel Turbine & Company

    • Gunpowder Copper Mine
    • Transportable Acoustic Enclosure and Exhaust System for 3.5 MW Wautsila Diesel Engine Genset

Valmet Boustead

    • Acoustic Enclosure housing a shot blasting and coating machine, including critical performance air-conditioning system


    • Frankston Telephone Exchange
    • Install 650 KVA Diesel Engine and Enclosure to meet 45 dB(A)

Detroit Engine Turbine & Company

    • Sheraton Hotel Project
    • 24V71TA Detroit Genset Enclosure

O’Donnell Griffin

    • Albatross Naval Base
    • 2 x 1250 kVA Acoustic Enclosures

Mount Isa Mines

    • Cable control cabin for use in remote control of underground loaders


    • Design, Supply and Install Single Face Noise enclosure to C-Flute Single Facer

Atlas Copco

    • Acoustic Enclosures for compressor


    • Arc Research Laboratory
    • Supply and Installation of Two Storey fully serviced Noise Enclosures


    • Acoustic enclosures for compressor

O’Donnell Griffin

    • Monash Medical Centre
    • Diesel Generator – to suit Detroit 12V149T

C.S.R. Gyprock

    • Ball Mill Installation
    • Supply and Installation of Acoustic Canopy

Bosch Hydraulic System

    • Transportable Acoustic Enclosure housing a Cat 3412 driving a hydraulic power pack unit